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961MedLive is seeking an initial Usd 25000 -twenty five thousand dollars for its operating costs for the next quarter. It has a IRR of 30 pct in the first year and is looking to be the first telemedicine portal and eplatform of the Middle east

961MedLive connects clinical teams and their patients. We are building a remote care platform that can handle all of a patient’s healthcare needs – from acute issues to complex disease management – to ensure everyone can easily access the medical help they need. Through a suite of patient-centric, design-led tools that are integrated with existing EHRs, 961MedLive provides a continuous connection between doctors and their patients outside of the clinic to power personalized care anytime, anywhere.

961MedLive Patient portal

our Technology has the potential to improve the quality of health care and to make it accessible to more people. Telehealth platform will provide opportunities to make health care more efficient, better coordinated and closer to home, studies have shown that both telephone-based support and tele monitoring of vital signs of people with heart failure reduced the risk of death and hospitalization for heart failure and improved quality of life


961MedLive Patient portal will provide support for self-management of health care. The following examples of telehealth services will be provided on our IT platform.  Our portal provides a more secure online tool to the following:

Virtual Monitoring and Patient follow up

  • Advanced IT patient monitoring platform.
  • Specialist monitoring and follow up for chronic patients
  • Follow up patient at home monthly / daily
  • Request prescription refills.

Online consultation and booking

  • Online consultation and video calls by doctors specialty
  • Online Booking
  • Schedule appointments or request appointment reminders.
  • Communicate with your doctor or a nurse online.
  • Review test results and summaries of previous visits.

Well –Being and personal services

  • Psychiatric support

Covid-19 specialized care

  • A special section on COVID busting – special information and general awareness
  • At home care services such as PCR services

Dietitics followup

  • Diet and Weight Loss treatment
  • Chronic Need Special Diet Treatment


  • Informative webinars and videos

Virtual appointments

The platform provide virtual appointments that enable you to see your doctor or a nurse via online videoconferencing. These appointments enable to receive ongoing care from your regular doctor when an in-person visit isn’t required or possible. Other virtual appointments include web-based “visits” with a doctor or nurse practitioner. These services are generally for minor illnesses, similar to the services available at a drop-in clinic. Some large companies provide access to virtual doctors’ offices as a part of their health care offerings.


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